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It Reminds Me Of… Ships Soundtrack

It Reminds Me Of… Ships Soundtrack

Ed eccoci giunti al terzo appuntamento di It Reminds Me Of. Come già annunciato precedentemente uno dei temi da me trattati sarebbe stato quello delle Ships, divise però in Canon e Non…bene, oggi è il turno delle Ship Canon. Continuate con me questo viaggio musicale con le coppie che hanno fatto e stanno facendo la storia dei telefilm!

Buffy/Spike (Buffy – The Vampire Slayer) – For All Eternity (Fight)
“…Emotions can’t be shared, you’d walk away than show me that you cared building walls around yourse if letting no one through you couldn’t see my hands reach out to you… One day you will realize how this all began, you didn’t see the child become a man for all eternity the past keeps haunting me…”

Damon/Elena (TVD) – Broken-Seether & Amy Lee   “I wanted you to know that I love the way you laugh, I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away. I keep your photograph and I know it serves me well, I wanna hold you high and steal your pain.’Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome and I don’t feel right when you’re gone away. You’ve gone away, you don’t feel me here anymore.”

Killian Jones/Emma Swan (OUAT) – Right Here (Ashes Remain)
“I can see every tear you’ve cried like an ocean in your eyes. All the pain and the scars have left you cold, I can see all the fears you face through a storm that never goes away. Don’t believe all the lies that you’ve been told…I will show you the way back home never leave you all alone, I will stay until the morning comes. I’ll show you how to live again and heal the brokenness within, let me love you when you come undone…”

Stefan/Elena (TVD) – The Kill (30 Seconds To Mars)
What would you do? What if I fell to the floor, couldn’t take all this anymore? What would you do, do, do? Come, break me down, bury me, bury me, I am finished with you. What if I wanted to fight? beg for the rest of my life?! what would you do? You say you wanted more, what are you waiting for? I’m not running from you (from you)…. I tried to be someone else, but nothing seemed to change I know now, this is who I really am inside. Finally found myself…”

Robin/Regina (OUAT) – Wicked Game (Cover di Peter Jöback ft. Sia) “The world was on fire and no one could save me but you. It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do. I’d never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you,I’d never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you…What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way. What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you, what a wicked thing to say you never felt this way, what a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you…”

Mary/Francis (Reign) – Withou You (Glee Version)
“I can’t win, I can’t reign, I will never win this game without you, without you. I am lost, I am vain, I will never be the same. Can’t erase, so I’ll take blame but I can’t accept that we’re estranged. Without you. I won’t soar, I won’t climb If you’re not here, I’m paralyzed…”

Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars) – New York (Snow Patrol)
“…If the curve of you was curved on me I’d tell you that I loved you before I ever knew you. ‘Cause I loved the simple thought of you. If our hearts are never broken and there’s no joy in the mending, there’s so much this hurt can teach us both. There’s distance and there’s silence, your words have never left me, they’re the prayer that I say every day….”

Rumpelstiltskin/Belle (OUAT) – In Her Eyes (Josh Groban)
“She stares through my shadow, she sees something more believes there’s a light in me, she is sure. And her truth makes me stronger, does she realize I awake every morning with her strength by my side…I don’t count my possessions but all I call mine I will give her completely ‘til the end of all time…”

Mark/Lexie (Grey’s Anatomy) – For The Nights I Can’t Remember (Hedley)
“I see it in the way you would do when no one else could ever get through, holding back till I come around, time and time again you wait for me to come in. And did you really look my way? Cause no one could’ve seen this coming, I would never let you down if I was running backwards in full time… Because if falling for you girl is crazy then I’m going out of my mind. So hold back your tears this time…”

Seth/Summer (The O.C) – Home (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)
“Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma & Pa, not the way that I do love you. Moats & boats & waterfalls, alley ways & pay phone calls I’ve been everywhere with you. That’s true! We laugh until we think we’ll die, barefoot on a summer night. Never could be sweeter than with you…”

Ryan/Marissa (The O.C) – The Memory Will Never Die (Default)
“…Deep inside your soul knows I’m always there, you made me believe the day you surrender to me. The memory will never die, the love that you gave I’ll never throw it away. The memory will never die…”

Oliver/Felicity (Arrow) – Afraid (Sarah Fimm)
“…I’d like to help yo suffer less not be so locked up in your thoughts afraid of love and all under the sun. I’ll hide out in your space emptiness on my face, I’ll be keeping you safe when you’re cold and alone until you come out and play…”

Tenth/Rose (DW) – She’s (Ryan Cabrera)
“…She walked into my life and my world was still, she reached into my soul and all my doubts were killed, that’s when my loneliness subsided she gave me the will, I could fight it. But nothing can erase the one thing that remains the same .She’s the only love I’ve known and now she’s gone away. She’s the light that brought me to the edge. Will i ever love again?…”

Tate/Violet (AHS) – Poison and Wine (The Civil Wars)
“You only know what I want you to. I know everything you don’t want me to. Oh your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine. You think your dreams are the same as mine. Oh I don’t love you but I always will. I wish you’d hold me when I turn my back. The less I give the more I get back. Oh your hands can heal, your hands can bruise. I don’t have a choice but I’d still choose you…”

Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls) – You And Me (Lifehouse)
“..’Cause it’s you and me, and all of the people people with nothing to do, nothing to prove. And it’s you and me, and all other people and I don’t know why I can’t keep my eyes off of you. Something about you now that I can’t quite figure out. Everything she does is beautiful, everything she does is right…”

Chuck/Blair (GG) – Stormy (Hedley)
“Wind blow, rain fall, we’ve faced it all there’s still some use in trying. Hands up, heads down, baby if you think there’s no way out somewhere the sun’s still shinning. Dark skies tell no lies, like your stormy eyes, if it’s cold tonight I’m here now. Together we’re never gonna fall. Its stormy now but the sun’s gonna shine again. Even the worst storms gotta end…”

Scott/Allison (TW) – All I Want (Kodaline)
“All I want is nothing more to hear you knocking at my door, ‘cause if I could see your face once more I could die a happy man I’m sure. When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside, I lay in tears in bed all night alone without you by my side…You took my soul and wiped it clean. Our love was made for movie screens…”

Sookie/Eric (TB) – Bloodstream (Stateless)
“Wake up and look me in the eyes again I need to feel your hand upon my face. Words can be like knives they can cut you open and then the silence surrounds you and haunts you. I think I might’ve inhaled you I can feel you behind my eyes, you’ve gotten into my bloodstream I can feel you flowing in me…”

Zoe/Wade (HoD) – True Love (Pink)
“Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say, sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face. There’s no one quite like you, you push all my buttons down I know life would suck without you. At the same time, I wanna hug you I wanna wrap my hands around your neck. You’re an asshole but I love you and you make me so mad I ask myself: why I’m still here, or where could I go. You’re the only love I’ve ever known, but I hate you, I really hate you, so much, I think it must be True love, true love. It must be true love nothing else can break my heart like True love, true love, it must be true love no one else can break my heart like you…”

Bene anche quest’appuntamento si è concluso. Ora attendo i vostri pareri, approvate la mia hit parade? Avete altre canzoni che associate a queste ships? Suggeriteli pure nei commenti!



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