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Eccoci ritrovati per l’ultimo appuntamento di questa rubrica musicale che spero vi abbia tenuto compagnia per tutta l’estate. Si sa tutte le cose prima o poi hanno una fine! Per quest’ultimo pezzo ho voluto classificare alcune delle scene telefilmiche che nel corso degli anni più mi hanno colpito e che ogni volta ascolto una determinata canzone mi ritornano in mente.

TVD – Puntata 5×22 (Damon&Elena/post morte di Damon) – Memories (Within Temptation)
“In this world you tried not leaving me alone behind. There’s no other way, I’ll pray to the gods: let him stay… All of my memories keep you near, in silent moments imagine you’d be here. All of my memories keep you near, the silent whispers, silent tears…”

Buffy – Puntata 7×22 (Morte di spike) – A Demon’s Fate (Within Temptaion)
“What have you done? Is this what you wanted? What have you become? His soul’s not forsaken, you’re walking alone from heaven into hell. Now that you know your way in this madness, your powers are gone, your chains have been broken, you’ve suffered so long, you will never change. Angels have faith, I don’t want to be a part of his sin, I don’t want to get lost in his world, I’m not playing this game. When the shadows remain in the light of day on the wings of darkness he’ll retaliate, he’ll be falling from grace till the end of all his days.From the ashes of hate it’s a cruel demon’s fate…”

Dawson’s Creek – Puntata 6×24 (Jennifer Lindley/POV di Jack) – Carry You Home (James Blunt)
“Trouble is her only friend, and he’s back again. Makes her body older than it really is and she says it’s high time she went away, no one’s got much to say in this town. Trouble is the only way is down, down down. As strong as you were, tender you go, I’m watching you breathing, for the last time. A song for your heart, but when it is quiet, I know what it means and I’ll carry you home, I’ll carry you home…”

Reign – Puntate 1×08 e 1×12 (Frary verso il matrimonio) – Just Say Yes (Snow Patrol)
“I’m running out of ways to make you see I want you to stay here beside me. I won’t be ok and I won’t pretend I am, so just tell me today and take my hand, please take my hand, please take my hand. Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back, it’s not a test, nor a trick of the mind, only love. It’s so simple and you know it is uou know it is, yeah…. Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back… Just say yes, coz Im aching and I know you are too for the touch of your warm skin. As I breathe you in I can feel your heart beat through my shirt, this was all I wanted, all I want…”

Felicity – Puntata 4×11 (Felicity/Ben Aeroporto) – Breathe (Lea Longo)
“Is this the way you want it? Is this the way you like it? You’re turning from the inside out. You stumble through the front door, I know you more than I sought. No enemies, no fears, no doubts. (And you feel)Like traffic on the freeway, the engine fails and there’s no thrust. (And you feel)Like static on the airwaves.The single’s just not strong enough…”

Grey’s Anatomy – Puntata 7×07 (Arizona lascia Callie) – Make it without you (Andrew Belle)
“This is the starting of my greatest fear. I’m all packed up, getting out of here but then you call and tell me not to go
That I’m the one who put the rock n roll in your life. This is the starting of a brand new day never liked this town much anyway, I need this city like I need the rain, I know that somewhere there’s a north bound train. Oh I’ll make it without you, make it without you. Though my body’s laying here it’s my mouth that must be lying now…”

Doctor Who – Puntata 7×05 (Amelia dice addio a Eleven) Iridiscent (Linkin Park)
“When you were standing in the wake of devastation, when you were waiting on the edge of the unknown with the cataclysm raining down, your insides crying “Save me now”. You were there, impossibly alone. Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? You build up hope, but failures all you’ve known. Remember all the sadness and frustration and let it go. Let it go. And in a burst of light that blinded every angel as if the sky had blown the heavens into stars you felt the gravity of tempered grace falling into empty space with no one there to catch you in their arms…”

Once Upon A Time – Puntate 3×06/07/22 (Hook&Emma) – Please Don’t Say You Love Me (Gabriella Aplin)
“…There used to be an empty space, a photograph without a face.
But with your presence, and your grace everything falls into place. Just please don’t say you love me’cause I might not say it back, doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that. There’s no need to worry when you see just where we’re at, just please don’t say you love me’cause I might not say it back…”

Questo è tutto ragazzi… Spero vi siate divertiti a leggere questa rubrica quanto io l’ho fatto a scriverla! Ci rivediamo il 7 settembre con la mia nuova rubrica di moda “Telefilm Fashion Addicted”!

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Classe 1988, nasce e cresce in Sicilia ma fin da piccola sviluppa una passione (direi quasi insana) per i viaggi. Ama conoscere nuove persone, lingue, culture e tradizioni, per questo ha mollato la facoltà di Giurisprudenza per studiare Lingue e Culture Straniere. Passa l'infanzia immersa nel suo primo amore: i libri. Ha praticamente letto di tutto, e seppur il suo libro preferito rimane Wuthering Heights (Cime Tempestose) ha sviluppato una predilezione per il genere Urban Fantasy (Le Cronache Dei Vampiri di Anne Rice e Lestat in particolare, la fanno da padroni nel suo cuore). L'adolescenza invece le spalanca il mondo delle serie tv, e fu così che tra Lestat e Morgana iniziarono a farsi spazio Lost, Charmed, Buffy, Veronica Mars, Scrubs, Dawson's Creek, The O.C e le Gilmore Girls. Quando deve scegliere un libro da leggere o una nuova serie da guardare segue molto l'istinto e le vibrazioni che essi le trasmettono e quasi mai è rimasta delusa. Vive seguendo due motti: Ad Maiora e Carpe Diem, e proprio questi l'hanno fatta approdare a Telefilm Addicted. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: bettysmolder88

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